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I was a Teenage Spam Bot

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Its funny how ideas can suddenly hit from out of nowhere. Well they feel like they come like flashes of lightning but really they must simmer around in the subconcious waiting for their moment. One hit me earlier – today seems to have been a day where I’ve picked up quite a few new followers on twitter. Now some I know are genuine, real people but the sudden rush of new followers suggests something else is at work – and I suspect it’s a new tool that being used to boost follower numbers. From that a title for a story hit me, I was a Teenage Spam Bot, having no idea what the story was or any inclination to actually write it I tweeted the line thinking if I threw it away hoping to get rid of it.

Then hours later I’m burning some calories on Wii Fit advanced step.  My scores are poor by my usual standard but I’m not really bothered – it’s about losing some excess weight not the score.  When – wham! – for the second time in the day inspiration hits.  I know who the main character is and why they’re a spam bot.  I know who the bad guys are.  I know what they want, how they’re trying to get it and why it makes the main character so important. I know the day after tomorrow setting that lets the story happen.  Slightly annoyingly I think the main character works better as a woman rather than a man.  While I’ve written a female lead before in Mrs H’s Knitting Circle I’m never sure if its such a good idea.

In about an hour I’ve written a one page outline for a big chunk of the story before the main action kicks off.  I’m thinking a couple of sessions with the snowflake method might push me to a point where I can write it.  So damn the inspirons – full speed ahead on this I think.
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