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Too Many Ideas – 5 Today

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

It doesn’t feel like five years ago today that I started my Too Many Ideas blog after being persuade it was a good idea by Kim Knox on a writers night out at the Everyman.  To celebrate I could have baked a fruit cake or a chocolate cake but instead I had a look to see what the most popular posts over the lifetime of Too Many Ideas.

Vue posts dominated the successes in the early years with Vue Python for Beginners, Vue 6 Tutorial: Cloud Layer Sculpting, Punching Holes in the Sky, V5I: Vue Dynamics 0.3 – Now with Added Particle, XFrog animation in Vue 6 Infinite, Object Sequence Importer Version 0.2.4 and Things Going Boom in Vue 5 Infinite all doing well.  I only really started posting photographs last year – the stand out attraction to date has to be Liverpool’s Pyramid – William Mackenzie Tomb although I’d put that down to the subject mater and not the photograph.  Reviews have always been a part of Too Many Ideas Face Shop Pro – Just Not Ready for the Big Time while The Expendables surprised me with the level of interest it got last year along with my RED – Retired Extremely Dangerous and the stong ongoing performance of my Yes, Prime Minister review.  I was pleased to see my Doctor Who: The Big Bang fighting for a place in my top posts. Of my gaming posts Paper House for Gamers Updated was the most popular – maybe I should be a little less niche or obscure in my topics in future.

Last but not least was one oddball post that these days would probably be a quick tweet instead of a post… Modern Mime.

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