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Vue Search Sites Automated and Other Site Tweaks

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Back in October I did some fiddling with the Vue sites search engine that uses Google custom search to let you search the sites in my Vue links directory. Each time the list of sites changed I had to manually upload a file listing the sites to be included that was generated from the database behind the directory.  Not particularly time consuming but in theory it could be automated.  I tried to set up the automation but for no readily apparent reason it just didn’t work.

In December my 404 error log checking picked up hits on one of the page that I’d made to automate this.   So I republished that page and now through the magic of the Internet the automation seems to be all systems go.

I’d somehow managed to knock out the redirection of my old blogspot blog to the one integrated here.  I hadn’t realised just how many visitors were coming through from there still so breaking / fixing it has had a surprising impact on the impworks visitor statistics!

I was also seeing occasional 404s on the directory page for tags that didn’t exist so I’ve thrown in a simple tag cloud page to give visitors to that page something to chew on.

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