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Super Injunction and Libel Woman

Friday, April 29th, 2011

A Vue 9.5 Infinite, CityEngine and SkinVue 9 Experiment

Super Injunction and Libel Woman - a Vue 9.5 Infinite Render with a CityEngine background

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Every time I hear someone talking about the latest Super Injunction I can’t help but think it sounds like one of the lesser known super hero comics.  Someone who comic fans love but the rest of us will only discover when they get a movie.

No one really knows who Super Injunction is except that he’s wealthy and has the power of (legal) invisibility.  Even in a picture like this one where he’s posing he ends up blurry and indistinct.  One of his biggest advantages is that his work clothes are also his costume.  No needing to find a phone box or worrying if the belly he’s started to get from too many good lunches at Michelin Stared restaurants will look embarrassing in the spandex.  Here he is pictured with Libel Woman another super hero who can be a bit grey and misused.

There is a slightly serious, practical side to this render.  I wanted to try out Vue 9.5 Infinite’s new  fast hybrid depth of field  2.5D algorithm in anger. I’ve not managed to get good results with the old depth of field methods but this new one seems to work really well and is fast enough for me on my 32 bit system.

The picture features Daz’s Victoria 4 and Michael 4 with textures enhanced using SkinVue 9, BC RoofTopper for the close up scenery and a CityEngine Wizard city modeled background.

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