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Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
Spoiler Warning - Post may contain spoilers

The latest Dr Who episode The Rebel Flesh was a nicely done, solid story with nothing to complain about.  That’s a relief after the time I’ve spent on reviews for The Doctor’s Wife or Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  The Gangers are nicely realised I may be over reading one comment by the Doctor but I’m assuming these Plastic People are prototype Autons.

I do have one question: Where did the highly corrosive acid they are pumping from under the medieval monastery on the island come from?  I do hope it’s explained next week because thirteenth century monasteries don’t tend to have been built on the site of former ICI plants.

As to the ongoing series 6 /32 mysteries…

It  may give us the answer to the question of how we saw the Doctor die given we now know there is a Plastic Doctor who may be floating around past the end of next week’s The Almost People.

Rory’s reaction to the Plastic People is a nice touch.  Does this shed some light on the picture of the Lone Centurion in The Doctor Goes to War from the Radio Times a few weeks ago?

There were the inevitable reminders of Amy’s Schrödinger pregnancy and ‘eye-patched woman’ making a brief appearance.

So roll on next Saturday and part 2: The Almost People.

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