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Pifl ’81 Day 4: Candy’s Cotton Candy

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

A little further inland along Harbour Road is Candy’s Cotton Candy. A gaudy and popular sweet shop run by Candy Chase who originates (as she likes to say) in Cañon City in the Great State of Colorado. She came to Pifl with her husband, a USAF officer seconded to nearby RAF Coterel. Rapidly becoming board she opened her sweet shop and its been a fixture of the town for ten years.

Behind the counter a vast array of jars tempt those with a sweet tooth.  Prebagged mixes can be had for a 2p or 10p piece.  The candy floss machine is rarely switched off during opening hours which start early and end late during the season.

Only someone with a solid background in surveillance or tradecraft would notice that the arrangement of the window and counter Candy with a clear view of all vessels entering and leaving the harbour. She can also easily watch those boarding and leaving the Russian Trawler on the far side of the harbour that has been stranded in the town by a series of mechanical issues for over a year. It has to be entirely coincidental as Candy appears to be as sharp as the Candyfloss she sells.

The stock room at the back of the shop has a locked door that leads into the service corridor dug into the hillside behind Harbour Road.

Random Sweets in Jars

Roll 1d100:

  1. Apple Belts
  2. Apple Bonbons
  3. Apple Pencils
  4. Black Jacks
  5. Blackberries & Raspberries
  6. Blackcurrant Pencils
  7. Blue Raspberry Bonbons
  8. Blue Raspberry Pencils
  9. Blue Raspberry Rocketz
  10. Blue Raspberry Wheels
  11. Bubblegum
  12. Bubblegum Bonbons
  13. Candy Cones
  14. Candy Necklaces
  15. Caramel Toffee Bonbons
  16. Cherry Bonbons
  17. Cherry Pencils
  18. Cherry Sticks
  19. Cherry Wheels
  20. Chocolate Coins
  21. Chocolate Buttons
  22. Chocolate Jazzies
  23. Chocolate Starz
  24. Coconut Mushrooms
  25. Cola Bottles
  26. Dinosaurs
  27. Dolly Mixture
  28. Dracula Teeth
  29. Fish and Chips
  30. Fizzy Cherries
  31. Fizzy Cola Bottles
  32. Fizzy Pineapples
  33. Fizzy Strawberries
  34. Flying Saucers
  35. Fried Eggs
  36. Friendship Rings
  37. Fruit Jellies
  38. Fruit Pastilles
  39. Fruit Salads
  40. Giant Cola Bottles
  41. Giant Gummy Spiders
  42. Giant Sour Blue Raspberries
  43. Giant Strawberries
  44. Glow Worms
  45. Gold Bears
  46. Gummy Bones
  47. Gummy Pigs
  48. Gummy Strawberries
  49. Hard Gums
  50. Jelly Babies
  51. Jelly Beans
  52. Jelly Mermaids
  53. Jelly Sharks
  54. Kola Cubes
  55. Lemon Bonbons
  56. Liquorice Allsorts
  57. Liquorice Sticks
  58. Lollies
  59. Love Hearts
  60. Marshmallow Cables
  61. Marshmallow Pumpkins
  62. Milk Bottles
  63. Mini Assorted Pencils
  64. Mini Foam Bananas
  65. Pear Drops
  66. Peach Rings
  67. Peach Slices
  68. Peppermint Candy Canes
  69. Pina Colada Slices
  70. Pineapple Rings
  71. Pink and White Mice
  72. Pink Hearts
  73. Pint Pots
  74. Pontefract Cakes
  75. Rainbow Berries
  76. Rainbow Pencils
  77. Red Lips
  78. Rhubarb & Custard
  79. Rhubarb and Custard Bonbons
  80. Sherbert
  81. Shrimps
  82. Snowies
  83. Snowman Mallows
  84. Sour Apples
  85. Sour Bears
  86. Sour Dummies
  87. Sour Strawberry Bites
  88. Strawberry Belts
  89. Strawberry Bonbons
  90. Strawberry Dream
  91. Strawberry Mushrooms
  92. Strawberry Pencils
  93. Swirly Fish
  94. Refreshers
  95. Swizzels Squashies
  96. Toffees
  97. Watermelon Slices
  98. White Chocolate Starz
  99. Wine Gums
  100. Pick and Mix
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