Friday Sillyness

Friday, November 30th, 2007

This article on the BBC web site intrigued me earlier Boys of 12 ‘abusing asteroids’. Turns out I’d miss read it and it was Boys of 12 ‘abusing steroids’ serious but no where near as intriguing.

Angel wings ‘unsafe’ for nativity. Political Correctness not the same as Health and Safety. Plus isn’t the BBC giving store owner a free advert- one that they couldn’t buy? I find the person-in-the-street saying it’s Political Correctness gone mad line an anoying bad cliche but someone who gets free publicity for their business saying it – thats sloppy journalism. It’s Friday, it’s raining outside some BBC journalist couldn’t be bothered to go out in the cold for the quote just e-mail someone pretty much guaranteed to say it instead.

And finally Postman leaves DVD package in bin: Hope she gets the full refund and not just £34. Does make me wonder if this is what happened with a phone book that was "Left in a hidden place" by a postman for me a few years ago. I’ve been dreading suddenly discovering it ever since.

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