The Dark Knight

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Went to see The Dark Knight last Saturday – got back too late to want to go online and write this (very short) review. Enjoyed it. It was a bit long but I couldn’t see anywhere particularly to cut it without making it a poorer film. It also takes a brave script writer to keep telling us a lead character isn’t a hero. I do look forward to the sequel – The Dark Couch. A film in which the Caped Crusader admits he needs counciling and goes to see a psychologist. He’ll come out with the I’m not a hero line and have it explained to him that he’s right. Superman is a Hero – Batman is an Outlaw but don’t worry you’ve got Han Solo and Robin Hood for company. All in all a good thing as you could be the Joker (a shadow Jester) or Two Face (who starts out a hero and ends up a shadow hero)

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