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Striped Lighting Gels for Vue

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

This is the first set of ten, free, lighting gels materials with a theme of stripes for use with Vue 7 and above. These arn’t neat, uniform stripes.  Some are quite gentle wavy lines while some are broken up at varied angles.

I’ve created this set from scans of slides I made for the Kaffeine Krew (a projected effects group I was part of in the early ’90s) to add interest in otherwise unlit spaces in discos using slide projectors.  We’d load a carousel of slides into a projector and set it up well out of reach of punters and could then leave it running for hours on a slow auto change to add a little bit of variety.  The slides were originally made by photographing fabric and other things with bold patterns then photocopying the prints onto overhead transparency sheets which were then chopped up into appropriate sized rectangles and mounted in slides for use.  While some of the slides also had offcuts of coloured filters added to change the colour of the light we usually put a piece of coloured filter over the slide projector’s lens so the colour would remain constant.

I’ve a tutorial on using gels to add interest to Vue lighting in the works but I thought I’d start releasing the materials now because I’ve not finished the tutorial but I’ve loads of gels that I can release.  They are free for use in both commercial and none commercial work but please read the read me file for full copyright and other information.

Striped Lighting Gels for Vue

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