Panzerfaüste Squads

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
Panzerfaüste Khâllazdurin Motorbike and Sidecar

Panzerfaüste Khâllazdurin Motorbike and Sidecar

I dug out some old files over the weekend of statistics for squads for Panzerfaüste I wrote after buying my copy of Panzerfaüste 1st edition at a Bifrost quite a few years ago now. I’ve tweaked them a bit where there are miniatures in the Hysterical Games Panzerfaüste kickstarter to match the figures and their equipment.These don’t have the character descriptions Chasseuse de Delacroix – I’ll post more write ups like that in the future when I get time – these were ment to get a game on the table quickly.  There are a few bits and pieces of gear to go with them too.

So far I’ve posted:

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