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Pifl ’81 Day 9: Pifl Harbour

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Pifl grew from its harbour where the town’s fishing fleet lands its catch. The harbour has two sections – the Lower and Upper harbours divided by a swing bridge. Both harbours are tidal.

Lower Harbour Locations:

  • Harbour Bridge
  • Fl and Chips
  • RNLI Lifeboat Station
  • Candy’s Cotton Candy
  • Norbury and Sons Department Store
  • Arcadia
  • West harbour lighthouse
  • West harbour pier
  • Postcards from Pifl
  • Safe Anchorage Pub

Upper Harbour

  • Boat Yard
  • Car Park
  • Co-op supermarket
  • Fish Market
  • Mission to Seamen
  • Fish Glue Factory
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