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Doctor Who: Silence in the Library

Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Spoiler Warning - Post may contain spoilers

After a couple of e-mails about some of my recent posts I’m going to flag any posts with potential spoilers in with the graphic above. To clarify what I’m going to treat as a spoiler – basicly I’ll use it whenever I mention anything that might spoil watching something for someone who hasn’t already seen it. Yes that is a broader definition than some people use but I’d rather not spoil something for someone. Frankly anyone pedantic enough to worry about what defines a spoiler and to send me an e-mail explaining their view in great detail, with references and examples, who I’ve never heard of or from before simply because one of my posts got listed on a site really needs to get a life. Now on to Doctor Who: Silence in the Library and there may be spoilers ahead…

Steven Moffat again delivers an excellent episode of Doctor Who with last night’s story Silence in the Library. Again he manages to provide the scariest episodes of the new version although I think the old version, despite all its flaws, did scary better. Kim and Dark Dwarf have I think hit the nail on the head on that one though by picking out that the choice of music has a lot to do with that.

This week’s monster plays at a fundamental level and when revealed is possibly the most frightening of the monsters shown since the show’s revival although a skeleton in a space suit isn’t a new image, even when it walks and talks. The story within a story with the little girl sets up a mystery that will presumably be resolved in part 2 – Forest of the Dead – next Saturday. The cliff hanger was nicely done and hopefully will have a resolution as good as the set up.

One thing has amused me of late about Doctor Who. In several interviews people involved with the making of the new series have laboured a point about the old series having a lot of continuity baggage that they got rid of to get back to the fun. I would be intrigued to know why they seem to be so busy creating exactly the same kind of stuff themselves each week? Alex Kingston’s character this week would appear to be another set up for a potentially recurring character. A couple of weeks ago we got the Doctor’s daughter. We’ve already have Dalek’s John, Paul, Ringo and George or whatever they were called. They sealed the cybermen off in another dimension but it looks like that permanant split wasn’t. I could go on but I need to eat sometime today.

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