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Water Back On after 1 Week

Thursday, August 24th, 2006
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Water drops on glass

United Utilities finally restored my water supply to full service at 10:30AM on Wednesday. Thats over 7 days 2 hours after they cut it off while working in the road to replace pipes. Apparently getting one tap working at low pressure by Saturday afternoon meets their contractual obligations.

I’d compare their attitude to the attitude against that of the Transco staff a few years ago when replacing gas pipes. They too had a problem. Did they down tools at 5 when they knew they hadn’t done the job? No. They sent someone round telling us that they had a problem and then carried on working. At 1:30AM their engineer rang my doorbell to reconnect my supply and check it was working. Yes it was 1:30 in the morning and I was surprisd but I didn’t mind because they wanted to make sure everyone had a service as soon as possible.

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One Response to Water Back On after 1 Week

darkdwarf Sunday, August 27th, 2006

United Utilities are the chaps who renewed the aging metal pipe system in our area and replaced it with plastic piping.
During the renewal process our water was visibly contaminated with brown sediment. We were told that this wouldn't do us any harm. Tell that to Grandma Gandalf, who drank some and then immediately threw up.
Following the renewal our pipework now rattles and howls every time we flush the toilet. It didn't do this before.
My stepdad advised me to reduce the pressure by turning the stopcock down a bit. This didn't work, and if I turn it too low the waterflow activated boiler stops working.

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