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Monday, July 14th, 2008

I love it when research material falls into my lap. I came across a book about the espionage and shady goings on in Shanghai in the 1920s-40s era for the massive sum of £1.99 in my local remaindered book shop on Saturday. Handy since some of NitS is set there around then and involves shady goings on.

On top of that the second of the two Pulp Guns books from SJ Games came out today. Yes these are game books for players of GURPS but they also include lots of handy details. Including a description of the flame thrower Dirk Dangerous uses in a story I’ve been writing. Which is handy because up until now all I’d been able to find out was it was a flamethrower that was combined with a sub machine gun. Every hero should have one.

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