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Vue Lighting Rig #16: Three Point Lighting- Part 3

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Last week in part 2 of Vue Lighting Rig #16: Three Point Lighting – Part 2 I covered two variations on a three point lighting rigs. Tonight I’ll cover another of the variations.

Again the key light is at 30 degrees to the horizontal and 45 degrees from the front of the subject to be lit. The fill is placed at 90 degrees to the key, at the subject’s eye level and is horizontal. This time the back light is placed behind the subject pointing directly towards the fill and at 90 degrees to the key.
I’ve turned shadows off on the fill and the back light. The relative power of the lights in the rig are:

  • Key: 100%
  • Fill: 60%
  • Back: 40%

Last week we saw how a back light may provide virtually no light in a render even though in real life it might have quite an impact on a picture. To check this rig benefits from the back light I did a quick render with just the back light. I turned the back light’s power up to 1000 so I can see where it is casting it’s light.

As you can see it is creating highlights along the left hand edge of the subject so this position does provide some illumination that will separate the figure from the back drop.

Here is the final render with all three lights.

All of the above images were made using Poser 7 and Vue 6 Infinite. The figures skin texturing was enhanced using SkinVue.

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