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Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

I realised I’d not posted a progress report on any of my writing for ages. Its far too easy to update twitter and forget to mention stuff here.

I finished a completely rewritten draft of the Role Playing Game that’s been occupying a lot of my writing time for the last year. The plan was to make it leaner and more focused. This draft came in 7000 words longer and exactly the same number of pages so it isn’t leaner. However it is now more focussed with more detail where it was needed. So I need to circulate it and see what reaction it gets.

I took a look at the reworked opening to NitS that I wrote last year. I hate it so I need to go back to square one. The core story of NitS is written (although it will need a thorough edit at some point) but I’m struggling with the outer story as NitS takes the form of an investigation of the story. Still it’s not a lost cause.

I scribbled down the first few pages longhand of a short story on Thursday night that came to me thinking about some of the pictures in Exposed at Tate Modern. Discovering the book for the exhibition was a lot cheaper on Amazon than at the Tate I’ve ordered a copy as additional inspiration. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve a couple of Dirk Dangerous short stories I must post up over on the Dirk Dangerous web site. I must try to find a pulp zine since Astonishing Adventures Magazine really seems to have gone (although I’m happy to be corrected on that). I’ve a good stand alone DD story that needs finishing and I’d like to continue the serial adventure I began by accident to see where it winds up.

I’ve been scribbling some notes on a very old idea for an RPG that has overtones of The Prisoner; The Invaders; and Health and Safety films. The system for it is very lightweight. The big idea is that the setting should be mostly detailed on a large map of the key location with lots of margin notes and scribblings.

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