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And in a Packed Sunday…

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Last day of my week off today. I’ve done a lot this past week although as is normally the case with a week off not as much as I wanted to. I started the day with a trip into the city centre with plans to get some photographs for Wordless Wednesdays and to do a few bits of shopping. I got about twenty pictures with very dramatic clouds before the heavens opened and I was driven to abandon the idea of taking any more photographs.

After doing some other mundane household stuff I’ve managed to crack on with making some pictures John wanted for the next issue of Ragnarok and a thousand words on Night in the Sidhe. The writing required some serious DVD watching from 1970s childrens animation and will require the watching of a film by Terry Gilliam before I can finish the scene.

The reaction to yesterdays Vue tutorial has been really positive too. I’d like to thank everyone whos said nice things about it.

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